Thursday, April 1, 2010

Skateboarding, Construction & Campaigning

Skater Boys and Girls Wanted

Do you like skateboarding? Sure, we all do. Even my younger sister with the law degree from Dalhousie is a reformed (reforming) skater punk. Anyway, it’s to you the City’s speaking now. A new working group is being assembled to tackle the question over where the skate park currently found in Deerpath Park should be relocated to. Last fall, council approved the $200,000 needed to move the park after residents complained that the noise exceeded the applicable Ministry of Environment noise guideline limit at nearby homes. (Never mind the notion that, perhaps, having young people outside doing physical activity is better than having them indoors playing on an electric box given modern obesity rates in children, but I digress.)

What can you do? Simple, “The group will have approximately six evening meetings over the next year to develop a recommendation to City Council,” says the post on the City’s website. “The working group will have about 10 members including residents from across the city, representatives from the Guelph Youth Council and Neighbourhood Coalition, facility users and City staff.” Don’t have time to contribute to a working group but still want your say? No worries, the group will be looking for public input. Keep your eyes open for such opportunities in the weeks and months to come. If you are interested in joining the working group however, let yourself be known by providing your name, address, contact information and reason for your interest to Helen White, Parks Planner with the Community Design and Development Services department by Monday, April 12. White can be reached by phone at 519-837-5616 x 2298 or by e-mail at

It begins…

Like the warmer weather, don’t you? Well you know what that means… That’s right gang, with winter behind us it’s time for Canada’s other season, construction, to begin. "This is the start of an unprecedented construction season as we work to complete about five years of work in just one year in order to take advantage of federal and provincial infrastructure funding," says Guelph City Engineer, Rick Henry in a press release. "There are going to be inconveniences, but the City plans to be proactive in communicating with residents and businesses so that they can be prepared." It’s all part of the “Guelph: Remastered” plan that was put forward by the City earlier this year, which is a communications and publicity campaign with the dual purpose of keeping residents informed of construction and helping them cope with it through various promotions. In case you haven’t already noticed, Suffolk St. is the first contestant in this round of Guelph: Remasted. Starting tomorrow, April 2, Suffolk St will be closed to traffic between Norfolk St and Woolwich St.

Campaign Watch 2010

Can’t speak for the rest of you, but I’m a little antsy to get this municipal election cycle up and going. So in the hopes that sunnier and warmer weather may melt political aspirations of future Guelph Politicos (Hey, I have a blog by that name which can be found at http//, I offer this update of the current candidate slate as of my Echo press time. Now you probably already know that Mayor Karen Farbridge has thrown her hat into the ring for re-election as have Ward 2’s Vicki Beard and Ward 3’s June Hofland. Ward 1, meanwhile, has two candidates in the person of Linda Murphy and Sean Farrelly. As for Ward 1’s current councillors, sharp readers will recall me mentioning Kathleen Farrelly (mother of Sean) in last week’s column and her intention to retire from council. Meanwhile, Bob Bell’s future in the horseshoe is, as of yet, unknown. Of course, updates, as always, can be found at The Politico. And if you’re planning to declare your candidacy, give me a heads up at adamadonaldson[at]gmail[dot]com

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